Privacy Policy - GDPR

Privacy Policy

The 1st of July 2018, the new rules and regulation for EUs privacy policy will be implemented in Norway. The new rules and regulations means that all companies registered in the EU will have stricter duties when treating sensitive and personal information, which for SIBE will apply for our clients, candidates, employees and for our suppliers.  Sikker Bemanning AS (SIBE) will comply and follow up the new regulations by continuously evaluate risks and by implementing routines for how to follow up on the GDPR.

In order to deliver our services for recruitment, SIBE must register personal information about our candidates and employees. The personal information that is gathered and stored is only used when matching candidates for assignments. No personal information is stored more than 5 years after resignation from SIBE.


SIBE will only gather information from their candidates which is intended to be used when finding a permanent or temporary position.

  • No personal data is stored if the candidate has not accepted this
  • Candidates have the right to know how their data is treated in SIBE
  • Candidates have the right to be forgotten. SIBE is obliged to delete all data upon request form candidates
  • If a third party asks for information SIBE will not deliver information unless candidates approves


SIBE must follow the new rules and regulations for internal employees. All employees will be given instructions on how to treat personal information gathered and stored at SIBE. This will be done by:

  • Establishing routines for how to treat irregularities and how to report them
  • Internal control
  • Confidentiality agreement
  • Only relevant personnel will have access to sensitive information


SIBE will not store sensitive information about their clients and will not hand out any information to a third party.


SIBE uses external suppliers for accounting services and software delivery. With our suppliers we will have a contract for how our suppliers threat and handle sensitive information.

  • SIBE is obliged to evaluate any risk for each of our suppliers handling our sensitive data
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